She grinned, glad to have finally found him in the mess of people that had crowded her the moment she’d stepped from the TARDIS and had whisked her away. It had been awhile, and she felt relieved that whatever festival that was going on hadn’t stopped her from finding him. “Long time no see! You been celebratin’ like this lot?”


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"I swear I’ve been this way before," she muttered under her breath, doing a full turn as if that would help her figure out where she was. Still nothing. Great. Brilliant. Gathering up her courage, she walked over to the nearest person and tapped her on the shoulder.


"Mad question," she began abruptly, smiling blithely, "but d’you know where we are?"

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“‘Lo there! Sorry to bother ya, I hope I’m not interruptin’ anythin’ important.” Rose tapped the other girl on the shoulder, giving her a bright smile despite the apologetic look in her eyes. “I just wanted to know — have you seen a blue police box anywhere ‘round here? Says ‘Police Public Call Box’ on the front?”


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Rose knew that she’d made a mistake in walking out of the TARDIS without checking the screen to see what was waiting outside — or, really, without waiting for the Doctor to come out with her. Curiosity, as she’d heard too many times, had killed the cat, and it was certainly getting her many, many strange looks as she tried to blend in and yet ended up standing out even more.

Apparently, wherever she was didn’t much like the look of black pants and a comfortable pink hoodie. The young blonde couldn’t help looking down at herself, pulling at her sweater in embarrassment and trying her hardest to remember where she’d left the TARDIS so that she could go back and change.


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The Doctor had wandered off this time, she’d swear it. It wasn’t her, she was innocent! Still, it left Rose lost as she always was, except this time  everyone she saw looked fairly human. That was a relief. After one too many alien planets, it was nice to see humans again. Even if they were dressed a bit strangely.

Didn’t make her any less lost, though. So, counting on her luck to change, she walked up to a woman and spoke.


“‘Lo there! Wouldn’t happened to have seen a blue police box, would ya?”

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Rose wandered around, feeling rather lost in the crowd with all these people around her. She had no idea where she was, nor where she had left the TARDIS behind. One day, this was going to come back and really bite her in the arse. With a sigh of frustration, the blonde turned around only to nearly run into another girl who was heading in the opposite direction.

“Sorry, mate,” she apologized, shooting a kind smile at the girl. “Didn’t see you there.”

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They had been on the run from something, but she wasn’t exactly sure what it was, since the Doctor had just said something like “Oh! Bad idea!” and taken her hand and run off in the opposite direction. But then somewhere along the way her hand had slipped out of his, and she was lost, running towards the TARDIS on her own. She figured he’d already made it there and she was just late, so when she arrived, she banged on the doors and called, “Doctor! Doctor, it’s me, let me in!” — forgetting that she had her key in the pocket of her jeans.

It didn’t occur to her to think that this might be the wrong TARDIS; after all, why would it?

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Rose was wandering through an unknown city, still rather dizzy from her last hop with the vortex manipulator. Traveling hurt like hell with it, but it got her around, at least, and around was where she needed to be. She might be found if she kept wandering, and that’s exactly what she was hoping for. That, or to do the finding. She was so busy trying to recuperate her balance and mental capacities that she didn’t realize where she was walking until she ran straight into a bowtied man.

"Sorry about that," she apologized embarrassedly, giving him a sheepish smile. "Wasn’t payin’ attention to where I was goin’! My fault."

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“Wotcher! Don’t s’pose you’d know where I am, would ya?” Rose gave a quick grin and an almost sheepish nod, straightening herself up a little. Best to be direct in these sorts of circumstances. Especially since these sorts of circumstances seemed to happen a lot to her. She just had an incredible knack for getting turned round, it wasn’t her fault.

“Managed to get myself lost, like usual, ‘cept I don’t know how to get back this time. Hope I’m not botherin’ ya!”

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The Doctor was only in the shop across the street, so she wasn’t too worried that she’d lose him. But here, there were people standing around outside shops, and she was bored enough for conversation. After all, most of the people she met on their travels were friendly, and the two standing beside her couldn’t be too different. Besides, Rose thought they looked rather bored too. Win-win, wasn’t it?

“‘Lo there! An’ who’re you two?”

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