I shiver as we pass by a black hole, rushing not to be sucked in, but you are blissfully unaware and I can’t help but be happy for that. There’s some amount of credence, I think, to the idea that ignorance is bliss. That’s a purely human saying, of course— the Time Lords fought against not knowing anything. They wanted to be transcendental beings, gods of their universe, while you—

     You are human. Sometimes I think you are lucky for it.

     I notice that the temperature has dropped a little during my musings. I shouldn’t ponder what ifs, especially when there’s so much of time and space that I can see, but I can’t help but wonder what sort of existence it would have been if I hadn’t known about all the people I’d lose, all the disasters that would happen.

     I cease pondering it and raise the heat to more comfortable temperatures again.

Meanwhile, Rose was sitting cross-legged on her bed, flipping through pictures. Some were from their recent escapades out — the Doctor never liked sitting still for a picture, but candid shots were all right with her, and he sometimes consented to take pictures of her — but a lot were old photos from back home. Her and Mum posed beside the Christmas tree; her and Mickey out at the pub the night of a match; Shareen making a face at the camera, and in the next one, Shareen pulling her in by the arm so that both of them could pose in their best party clothes; there were so many photos…

Sometimes, even Rose got homesick, no matter how much she loved the traveling and the adventures and the fantastic new life the Doctor had shown her. It was like a cold chill deep in her stomach, the ache of missing family…

…at least, until suddenly, gently, she felt warmer again, and realized that the chill hadn’t only been been emotional, but physical.

"Thanks," she murmured, knowing the TARDIS could hear no matter how quietly she spoke.

And then, almost impulsively and feeling very foolish for speaking aloud, she added, “D’you…ever get homesick? Miss people?”

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     Jack had managed to hook up his music player to something underneath the console surface, and hummed along to some Frank Sinatra cheerfully as he worked on recalibrating things. Spotting Rose out of the corner of his eye, he sat up, barely missing bumping into the screen that read out external environmental data as he called out to her.

     ”Hey, sugarplum, what’s going on?” He half-waltzed over to grab her hand, grinning the whole way.

"So that’s where you were,” she beamed, holding her hand out towards him as he came over to her. “The Doctor’s readin’ an’ I didn’t want to bother him, so I thought I’d come ‘round an’ bother you. That all right?”

She grinned back at him, tongue caught between her teeth as she did, elated by the expression on his face. Spending time with Jack was always fun, whether one-on-one or with the Doctor involved too. Besides, she’d been bored on her own, and Jack — well, he was anything but boring.

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"Afternoon, ms. Here for a check up?" He had no need to think anything of his sister or The Doctor’s life when at work.

"Oh, ta, but no," she smiled, sheepish apologies written into the expression on her face as she turned to face the man who’d spoken.

"I was actually just wonderin’ if my friend had come by here — I’ve lost him, see, an’ he’s, er, sort of my ride. He’s tall, wearin’ a pinstriped suit an’ trainers, got on a big brown coat?"

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Elisa gave the girl a smile shrugged. “No harm done,” Elisa said. “Odd place to be hiding in, don’t ya think,” Elisa jokes and tilts her head. “My name’s Elisa. What’s yours?”

Closing the door of the TARDIS behind her — figuring it was too late to go back in and pretend like nothing had happened now — Rose grinned back, giving a shrug. “A bit, yeah,” she admitted, a laugh on the edge of her words, “but I like odd things. My name’s Rose — it’s good to meet ya, Elisa! Pretty name.”

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"Well, yes- yes I suppose it is," Ellie said, a bit taken aback by the young woman’s enthusiasm. Sure she was happy to see a bit of sunshine here finally- London was dreadfully grey and dreary most of the time compared to Broadchurch- but she wasn’t about to go bounding down the walk or anything. "Tom, sweetie, please put your helmet on. Thank you!" she called to her son who was enjoying the day with a bit of time on his skateboard.


"Oh, brilliant,” she beamed, standing up straighter despite the look on the woman’s face that clearly spelled out that she thought Rose had gone a bit bonkers. Absently, she wondered what her mother would be doing now — whether she’d even arrived in the right time frame that would allow a visit — and her smile dimmed just a little. Quickly, though, it was strengthened by the look the woman gave to a boy not far away from them.

"He your son?" she asked, much calmer than she’d been before, her smile gentler. "He looks sweet. I was just thinkin’ of going to visit my mum, actually." The admission came from nowhere, but she thought it might explain her rather abrupt behaviour.

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Violet eyes glanced down at the offered hand, and slowly she reached out to shake it. It was..different, nearly strange, for her to be interacting with a stranger like this without wanting to kill her. Anna decided she liked it; she figured it was a practice to regain her humanity back.

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly, the beginnings of a faint smile. “The same for me. I have nothing to do until school lets out..”

Rose wondered, briefly, whether the girl before her was the type to be nervous with new people — it seemed like she was unused to Rose’s brand of friendliness, in any case. She decided then that she’d tone it down a little, hoping to reassure her. Still, she shook her hand brightly, a wide smile on her face.

"Your mate’s in school?" she asked, curious, rocking back onto her heels and shoving her hands into her pockets. "Mine just wanders off, least you’ve got a location for yours!" At that, she let out a light laugh and a smile.

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[ It is the reaction he’d anticipated, and it endlessly pleases him. As he tips in, just the slightest, his smile opens up to show straight teeth and crinkle his mischievously coruscating eyes at the corners. ]
" Oh, but it is. "
[ He turns, away, but before he takes a step after the swivel, he looks across his shoulder, unpockets a hand, and wriggles his fingers at her. ]
" Come on then. "


[ She’s mesmerized by the idea, and maybe just a little bit by the look on his face. Mostly, though, knowing that all her life she’s grown up being assured that the 30th of February isn’t a day and now being told differently — well, it’s one hell of a kick, isn’t it! She’s excited, and the grin grows on her lips until it matches his. ]

"Show off."

[ Even her amazement isn’t going to stop her from teasing him. And then, her eyes bright and curious and her grin wide, she takes his hand. ]

"Go on, then!"

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[She’s laughing, you can bet that, but there’s a fondness in her eyes.] That’s some poetry!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Doctor.

[ He lays a hand upon his chest and inhales deeply, straightening. ]

" My companion’s hair is nothing like the sun - roses are far more red than her lip’s red — ! "

[ He deflates again, though, when he glances her shyness, beneath him. His own expression of bold humor fades, and, as it falls, his hand slides up into the back of his hair, to scratch within the short choppy layers. 
Does this warrant a you’re welcome?
Even as an alien, he somehow doubts that is the appropriate response. ] 
" You, uhhh — "

[ Silence. ]

" … You’re welcome. "

[ He can’t think of anything better. ]


[ It’s stilted and god she’s made a mistake, hasn’t she, she’s made this too real and now he’ll never try something like this again — what an idiot!

Is there even sincerity behind it, or is he just saying it because he feels like he’s got to say something? Cor, she’s overanalyzing again, no — no, no, she’s got to back up now, change the subject, it’s always much easier doing that —]

"Can’t keep stealin’ Shakespeare an’ pretendin’ you’ve written it, you know."

[ She smiles, but it’s more hesitant than before. There’d been a pause between his ‘you’re welcome’ and her joking, he’s got to have noticed it, and she feels so naff and awkward like she’s fourteen all over again. ]

"I’ll start thinkin’ you can’t come up with anythin’ better."

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The Master spun around in confusion at being called by the name that his childhood friend had chosen. Then he found himself face to face with a certain blonde that he had often heard about. “What makes you think… Oh sweet Gallifrey it is the leather jacket, short dark hair and big ears, isn’t it…”

She skidded to a halt when the man turned around and it demonstrably wasn’t the Doctor — the embarrassment made her cheeks turn a healthy shade of pink, and Rose had already opened her mouth to apologize profusely when the man spoke.

She’d planned to keep looking for the Doctor, but not after that.

"You — you know the Doctor?!” she asked, eyes wide in surprise. The man had described him perfectly; there couldn’t be any other explanation. “Have you seen him ‘round?”

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